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Inventions by Davis Faculty

 The UC Davis Office of Innovation Access is pleased to present these technologies that are currently available for licensing. For more information, contact Intellectual Property Officer Nancy Rashid at (530) 754-8621 or or Intellectual Property Officer Andrei Chakhovskoi at (530) 754-8642 or

An innovative and affordable vegetative cool roof technology that uses the shading capacity of plants to reduce solar heat gain to roof surfaces and provides an alternative lightweight and more affordable green roof system. The technology serves to reduce the building's energy and water use. [read more]
Composite nanostructures fabricated in the form of micro or nanopillar arrays with re-usable substrate for solar cells, tactile sensing and other applications. [read more]
Researchers from the UC Davis Electrical and Computer Engineering Department have developed an innovative mathematically optimized scheduling algorithm for smart appliances, such as plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, which enables integration of considerable amounts of intermittent renewable resources like wind and solar energy into the power grid while ensuring optimum stability. [read more]
Available for licensing are patent rights in a method designed to interconnect micro or nano pillars and walls that have been transferred from a substrate using the shear-fracturing method. The method is useful where electrical contacts are desired, e.g., in solar cells and batteries. [read more]