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Inventions by Irvine Faculty

 The UC Irvine Office of Technology Alliances is pleased to present these technologies that are currently available for licensing. For more information, contact Director Demetri Andrikos at (949) 824-1233 or

A family of new topologies for dc to ac inverter circuitry with auxiliary self-boosting of the dc input voltage. [read more]
A scheme to produce colloidal nanocrystals of iron pyrite (FeS2) and a p-n heterojunction thin film solar cell based on sintered films of these nanocrystals on flexible substrates. [read more]
A method for synthesizing iron pyrite (FeS2) semiconductor films on solid substrates to serve as the active layer of a solar energy conversion device (e.g. solar cell). [read more]
Stand-alone solar-powered devices have traditionally been operable only when sunlight is available or when surplus energy is stored in a rechargeable battery to ensure that the device stays powered in the absence of sunlight. [read more]
Researchers at the University of California, Irvine have developed a novel method to continuously pattern nanofibers on 2D and 3D substrates. A unique polymer ink formulation provides the right balance of viscosity and elasticity necessary to enable controlled, seamless near-field electrospinning of nanofibers at very low voltages. [read more]