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Below are links to some of the posters that were presented by our students, researchers and guests at the post-lunch poster session. We hope you find them interesting and informative.


   “Integrated nonimaging optical design for evacuated tube solar thermal collector”
 Lun Jiang, Roland Winston
 Audience Choice Poster Winner!

  “Short-Term Solar Energy Forecasting Using Wireless Sensor Networks”
Stefan Achleitner, Tao Liu, Ankur Kamthe, Alberto Cerpa
Audience Choice Poster Winner!


  “LiFePO4/C as Cathode Material for Energy Storage Devices”
Ian Miller, Alfredo Martinez-Morales


  “The Impact of scheduling appliances and rate structure on bill savings for net-zero energy communities:  application to West Village”
Kyle Gaiser, Pieter Stroeve


   “Solar Cooling with the XCPC”
Bennett Widyolar


  “Chemically Cross-linked Polymer Gel Type Electrolyte for DSSCs”
Taehoon Lim, Sungyoung Kim, Sang-uk Kim, Alfredo Martinez-Morales and Seungmoon Pyo


  “Windblown dust deposition in solar farms”
Chuanjin Lan, Yanbao Ma


  “Hybrid nanostructure of ZnO NWs and TIO2 NPs and its application for DSSCs”
Taehoon Lim, Alfredo Martinez-Morales


  “Utilizing 1-D Photonic Cavity of a Cholesteric Liquid Crystal to Increase Efficiency of Solar Concentrators”
Andrea Rodarte, Sayantani Ghosh, Linda Hirst


“The Robust Heliotropic Servo Design for Concentrated Photovoltaic Systems (HCPVS)”
Brandon Stark, Brennan Stevenson, Trevor Murdock, Kelsey Nze, Grant McGregor, Jesan Morales-Holguin with YangQuan Chen
  "Improvement of Luminescent Solar Concentrators using Liquid Crystal Polymer”
Melissa Ricketts, Andrea Rodarte, Lun Jiang, Roland Winston, Linda Hirst
  “Self-Assembly of All-carbon Core-shell Nanostructures for Photovoltaics”
Chun Tang, Tomas Oppenheim, Vincent C. Tung and Ashlie Martini
  “Studying the Affect of Substituted Side Groups for Various Fullerene Derivatives and its Importance to OPV Devices”
Chris W. Rochester, Erik Busby, John Roehling, M. Diego Rail, Louise A. Berben, Delmar S. Larsen, Adam J. Moule