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Below are links to some of the posters that were presented by our students, researchers and guests at the poster sessions. We hope you find them interesting and informative.


  "Performance of the Merced Demonstration XCPC Collector and Double Effect Chiller"
Bennett Widyolar, Roland Winston, Lun Jiang, and Heather Poiry

Audience choice poster winner!



  "Textured nanostructured photoanodes with near unity carrier separation and high catalytic efficiency towards oxygen evolution"
Vineet V. Nair, Craig L. Perkins, Qiyin Lin, and Matt Law

Audience choice poster winner!



  "Electrodisposition of Co(1-x)Sb3 in Citrate Solutions: Effect of Doping With Co and Te"
Ruxandra Vidu, Maria Perez-Page, Dat V. Quach, Xinyi Chen, and Pieter Stroeve



  "Synthesis of ZnO Nanostructures with Gradated Morphologies"
Taehoon Lim and Alfredo A. Martinez-Morales



  "Solar Thermal Specialty Crop Drying Research at the USDA – Agricultural Research Service"
Fatima S. Alleyne and Rebecc a R. Milczarek



  "AlGaAs Solar Cells Grown by Liquid Phase Epitaxy for Dual Junction Solar Cells Based on c-Si Bottom Sub-cell"
Xin Zhao, Kyle H. Montgomery, and Jerry M. Woodall



  "Integrated Nonimaging Optical Design for Evacuated Tube Solar Thermal Collector"
Lun Jiang and Roland Winston



  "Prediction of Two-Phase Frictional Pressure Drop in Copper Minichannel Solar Water Heater"
Van Duong and Gerardo Diaz



  "Solar Powered Evaporator"
Christian Moe and Roland Winston



  "Fluorescence Effect of ZnO Nanostructure to Improve Photovoltaic Performance of DSSCs"
Taehoon Lim, Eric Pichinte, and Alfredo A. Martinez-Morales



  "Novel Design of an East-West XCPC for Solar Thermal Applications"
Jonathan Ferry, Lun Jiang, and Roland Winston



  "Novel Aplanatic Designs for LED Concentration"
Melissa N. Ricketts, Lun Jiang, Roland Winston, and Weiya Zhang



  "The Robust Heliotropic Servo Design for Concentrated Photovoltaic Systems (HCPVS)"
Jiba Nath Dahal, Brandon Stark, Brennan Stevenson, Kevin Stow-Parker, Blair Macleod, and YangQuan Chen



  "UC Solar Power Initiative"
Frontier Renewables